First specialized session done in November 2017

The first specialized session of November 2017 held on Thursday the 2ed of this month on17 pm in Iranian Art Forum. Scholars of the field, students, researchers and some individuals interested in the field of Islamic architecture participated in this gathering.

                                                                                             photo 2017 11 04 20 26 44

In this session which held with the cooperation of Islamic Art Association of Iran and Iranian Art Forum, Dr. Amir Hossein Zekrgoo talked about Eclecticism in Religious Architecture with a focus on The Evolution of Contemporary Malaysian Mosques.

Zekrgoo suggests that “Eclecticism” in religious architecture is based on the formation of an ideology which in turn is based on adoption and amalgamation of other ideologies or intellectual systems. He also talked about the notion of “identity” and “eclecticism” in contemporary architecture of Malaysian mosques. In this session, some questions raised by the audiences and the gathering finished with specialized discussions about the subject.